Hi! Welcome to Angus Findlay Photography

Having worked in the photographic industry for over 25 years, I have seen many changes and developments, which I have been delighted to be a part of, most notably the change from film to an all digital format. Following a few years studying photography art & graphic design, I then began a career solely in photography working for an established business, to now working freelance, where I have been able to gain a greater depth of experience and build my photography skills. I am thoroughly committed, professional, with proven expertise within the photographic industry; being able to meet deadlines and cover events promptly, with understanding, knowledge and sensitivity.

I have had many standout commissions in my career; I was especially delighted to receive one from the Cairngorms National Park and for over 12 months I traversed the Park to record local people and families who live and work there, as well as some of the many small businesses that support the thriving tourist industry within the Cairngorms National Park. I was also able to capture some the outstanding landscape that the Cairngorms is famous for.

Having supplied my images for many publications over the years I was also especially humbled with the kind foreword in one particular book, ‘Scotland’s Oldest and Newest City’, author Dr John Hulbert. “I am especially grateful to Angus Findlay, who is a particularly skilled photographer. He has contributed many photographs to the book, especially of the military events which took place during my five years as provost. Without the pictures, the book would be bereft indeed.”

If you are looking for photographs to Inspire! I would be delighted to chat about your project .